Kristin had been involved with dogs all of her life. She was raised in the dog show world and has been grooming since she was old enough to hold a pair of scissors. She has learned many things from the dog show world. After pursuing her dog show career, she was interested in expanding her grooming field.

She then was taught by Nat Lauth how she grooms. Kristin is very well educated in professionally grooming not only your household furry loved ones ( dogs or cats) but show dogs as well. She has been grooming here locally at various shops for 9 years before returning to Alaska Dog Wash Resort and loves every minute of it.

To contact Kristin, go to the Contact Us page. (Call for Prices)
We also do cats! Drop off for cats is before 9am Sundays and Thursdays are available by appointment.

Rabies vaccinations are required for ALL grooming appointments!

Here are some commonly asked questions about grooming-
Q-How often should I wash my dog?
A-No more than once a week  but normally at least every 2 months. If your dog goes in a lake or stream you should give him or a her a bath to remove harmful bacteria.
Q-How often should I have my dogs nails clipped?
A- Monthly for adults is best, puppies should be done weekly at first. The easiest way to tell is if a dogs nails touch the floor. If your dog tip-taps across the floor, its time for a nail trim!
Q-Should I start grooming my dog when he's still a puppy?
A-Yes. The earlier a dog learns what it is like to be groomed, the better it is for the dog and the groomer. Playing with your dogs feet at home gets it used to being handled. This will help to get the puppy when its time for a nail trim, as he'll be used to the feeling of people touching his feet. Regular brushing also helps prepeare the puppy for a life of being groomed.
Q-What are anal glands?
A-They are sacks on either side of a dogs anus that collect fluid. They need to be expressed regularly to prevent them from getting compacted. A dog normally takes care of this on his or her own, but sometimes they have trouble. Our groomer can express your dogs glands if necessary. If you see your dog scooting on the carpet, its probably time to have the glands checked!
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